Monk Environmental Park Engagement Session: Chantalle + Sebastien

Monk-Environmental-Park-Kanata-Forest-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI often go driving around the city looking for interesting spots for sessions (there are so many random spots marked on my phone’s map for future reference). And it was about two years ago or so that I found some really cool forested areas out in Kanata. I have suggested them to a few couples as possible spots for their engagement session, but for various reasons (mostly having to do with the season), they didn’t get selected, until now that is. And although I absolutely love this park/trail/forest with its super cute bridge, adorable paths and great light, I think Chantalle + Sebastien could have made literally any spot look like a million bucks!

Seriously, I have talked about having rock star clients before who could nail every pose I sent their way, and although I wasn’t lying in the least when I had said it before, these two just completely hit it out of the park throughout their entire session! Sebastien was even giving me some of my more advanced poses before I even got a chance to ask for them, and these two completely nailed every single one of them! I honestly could have kept shooting for hours and hours!

But what was even better than their skills in front of the lens, was the company as I genuinely had such a great time walking around the trails with these two. They were relaxed, funny and seemed to get my level of sarcasm (and up for pretty much anything I threw at them, which is always awesome!). Their relationship is also near and dear to my heart as it has a similar story to our own as they too have been together for a quite a while before getting engaged. So long that when they get married next year it will be around their ten year anniversary, how cute is that?!