Lifestyle Newborn Session: Ruth-Ada

lifestyle-newborn-session-stephanie-Beach-photographyIt’s a pretty simple fact that the best sessions include the best people – and this session included Antonietta + Matt, who, if you haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know them or read through any of the previous posts from their sessions, truly are two of the very best people ever!! But you know what took this session from best to bestest ever status: Matt + T made a tiny little human and she is just about the most perfect little thing that has ever existed!

But honestly, how could she not be with these two amazing creatures as her parents?! In fact, I’m a little jealous that Ruth-Ada gets to grow up with Matt + T as her parents as I just know she is going to be so well taken care of so incredibly loved all of her life (even during those awful teenage years, and we all know how bad those can be!)!

Now, if you know me, you know I am a huge Friends-fan, and when I heard Ruth-Ada’s name, I instantly went to the episode were Rachel + Ross are figuring out names for their baby. For a minute there they landed on Ruth, and Rachel claps her has excitedly and says, “Yes, we’ll have ourselves a little Baby Ruth” and then they decide not to use that name. Presumably it’s because of the chocolate bar, but I never quite understood why that meant they wouldn’t go with the name, as I think it’s adorable (and leads to great baby welcoming gifts including chocolate – which thankfully some of our mutual friends got Matt + T). Anyway, long story short, I heard the name, clapped my hands excitedly and said, “Yes, they will have a little Baby Ruth(-Ada)!”.

And yes, I realize that story included some spoilers, but come on people, there’s been more than enough time for all of you to have seen the episode and let’s face it, most people have watched Friends numerous times (there’s a reason there was an online fit when Netflix said they were considering removing it from the site).

Any who, that’s enough of a tangent for today, so without further adieu, let’s all enjoy these images from little Baby Ruth-Ada’s newborn session with her proud parents!!