Favourite Ring Photos from 2018

Ornamental-Gardens-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI’ve decided to toss a new end-of-the-year post into the mix – my absolute favourite ring photos from the past year!

Ring photos are my absolute favourite thing to do at weddings and engagement sessions as I feel like I just get to play. Creating new images that mesh into the photos of the day is something I take a lot of pride in being able to do well and something my clients have come to know and expect as part of their photos.

An honestly, the type, style, size, etc. of the ring doesn’t really matter when it comes to these photos – and it really plays no part at all in what makes the cut for my favourite images from the year. For me, it is all about how I ended up working it into the details and the overall composition that resulted. And getting to play with one of my new toys (like my lensball) definitely helps push it onto the list!

Shooting engagement rings can sometimes be a little nerve-wracking as the couple is usually watching me get the shot. I also don’t hide my emotions or thoughts very well, so if the first spot I choose doesn’t quite work, or I am struggling to get things to line up properly, it is usually pretty obvious. But luckily this year gave us some great flowers, foliage, backgrounds and nick-knacks to play around with and when mixed with some sparkling beauty, it created some great images!


But as much as I love engagement rings, I feel like they are made complete when they get their little wedding ring buddies on the big day itself. Whenever I get a set of rings in my hands I always do a few check first:
1. How do they compare in size to each other?
2. Can either of them stand or fit in the other?
3. Does the engagement ring sit flush against its matching wedding ring?
Once I have those things figured out in my head, I know what positions definitely will and definitely won’t work for them (and whether or not I am going to need my cheating sticky tack). Grabbing their bouquet, one of our ring boxes (and other ribbons and fabrics), stationary, wedding favours, and cake toppers, or just taking a stroll around the venue for the right backdrop, finishes off the idea process. Add a little extra lighting from Dave and our Ice Lights and I get to have some real fun creating something special for our clients!


These favourites haven’t been in any particular order, just a few of my absolute favs from 2018. And from the look of the weddings coming up in 2019, I am super excited to get to create even more photos like these ones to share with our clients (and all of you too!).