Ottawa Studio Newborn Photography: Ellie

Ottawa-Studio-Newborn-Photography-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI was so ecstatic that not only was our very first newborn in the studio super adorable, but her parents also happen to be a previous wedding couple of ours! It was so great getting to catch up with Jenna + Tim (even though there was no puppy Archer visit during this session as there was on their wedding day) and it was even better to be able to meet little Ellie for the first time!

We launched the Newborn + Family Studio at the end of March (on my birthday to be precise) and are officially taking bookings starting May 1, but I was hoping to squeeze in a few sessions before then and I was oh so very happy to hear from Jenna. Not only was her and Tim’s wedding day an absolute joy to be a part of (and gorgeous too!), but we have also been very fortunate to work with their family multiple times over the last few years, so getting to add another session to that was extra special for me!

And their new little one Ellie was complete perfection! She did such a great job throughout her session and was extra nice to me as she actually loved to have her hands up by her face. In fact, she reminded me of that video meme that was going around online recently where the baby continuously raises her hands the second she is unwrapped from anything. Ellie did the same thing and was completely at home with the tucked-in pose!!


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