Ottawa Studio Newborn Photography: Piper


Despite the smile on her face, this adorable little girl really wasn’t as into her session as it may seem in this photo. Little Piper really wasn’t a fan of being unwrapped but thanks to a nice cozy swaddle we still got some really great images from the day!

Little Piper was such a cutie and once she was all wrapped up she was such a pleasure to work with, although there was a fair bit of upset-ness leading up to that swaddle. But when she looks like cute all bundled up can you really complain?!

Every once in a while a baby just isn’t feeling up to those naked photos. Either they don’t like being naked, or are just having an off day, it’s nice to know that a good old fashion swaddled settles them down (almost) every time. And of course, a closet full of prepped props is always a good idea for just such an occasion!

In actuality, since my studio isn’t huge, I hide these prepped props all over the place. There is normally one or two in the closet and another couple underneath the couch, just in case the little one needs multiple during their session. That way I can still get parents a variety of great images. And a lot of the time, once they have settled down and gotten a chance to relax in their little burrito, you can sometimes coax one or two non-fully-swaddled poses too!

And that is pretty much how Piper’s session went. We got a few different swaddled setups after she let us know that is what she needed, and then she absolutely rocked those semi-wrapped poses on the beanbag – so much so that she ended the session with a little tiny baby smile!


Wraps + White Headband: Stephanie Beach Photography
Felted Heart: Feather and Fern Canada
Knitted Blankets: Sweet Jax Creations
Blush Headband: Emmy Blue Handmade

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