Ottawa Studio Newborn Photography: Jack

Ottawa-Studio-Newborn-Photography-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographySometimes newborn babies visiting the studio decide they don’t want to sleep. They show up and the second I get their little outfits off they wake right up and seem to want to stay that way. This is exactly what happened during Little Jack’s session as he woke right up as we started things.

Fortunately though I have picked up a few little tricks that more often than not get those tiny babies back to sleep so we can get all those adorable photos of them! For Jack that meant getting a bit of a wrap around him and rocking him for quite a while. Patience has never been a strength of mine, but apparently when it comes to working with these precious little creatures in my studio, I have all the patience in the world as I ended up rocking Jack for nearly 45 minutes to get him into a deep sleep (which fortunately lasted for pretty much the rest of his session).

And although it may seem like a long time to rock a baby, I was in complete heaven! And how could I not be, I mean, this little guy is so cute and other than wanting to be awake he was actually really well behaved – no screaming and, if memory serves, I may have even gotten through this session without getting peed on!

I have so many favourites from Little Jack’s session, but I think the face he is making in the last image of this post has to be my absolute fav! He gave me a little smile and then a grimace letting me know just how done he was with his photos, although I did get a couple more before we unwrapped him and gave him back to his lovely Mom.


Wraps: Stephanie Beach Photography
Pants: No. 2 Willow Lane
Wooden Bowl: The Original Photoblocks Props

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