Top Posts of 2019

Almonte-Agriculture-Hall-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-Photography2019 was a very busy and full year. When it came to the weddings side of things, we had a record year with a whopping 23 weddings! We loved each and every one of them and if you want a very quick recap of them you should definitely check out one of our earlier recap posts from 2019.

But this post isn’t about all of our weddings, it’s about the blog posts that got the most views over the course of the year.

But before we get into the countdown, I just wanted to once again thank you all for your continued support this past year. I owe so much of our success to our clients and loyal followers. Thank you all again for letting us be part of your wedding days and capture all the special moments of your lives (cheesy I know, sorry). We truly wouldn’t be able to do this thing that we love so much without all of you.

So with that said, let’s take a look at the most trafficked posts we published over the last year according to you, our readers.

5. For the first time ever we have a tie!
Natasha + Jon
Natasha + Jon’s wedding day wrapped up a triple header weekend for us and although I was going to be utterly exhausted, their sweetness and joy gave me all the energy I needed to make it to the end of the coverage. I loved getting to be a part of their wedding day and am so glad I broke my triple header rule for them.


Katherine + Mike
Katherine + Mike had their wedding on the hottest day of the year, but they didn’t let it phase them one bit. They are two of the kindest souls I have ever met and I was so overjoyed to be able to be a part of their wedding day!


4. Sarah + Kelvin
From start to finish, Sarah + Kelvin’s wedding day was absolutely stunning! Their first look was possibly one of the sweetest we have captured yet, and the sunset they were gifted from Mother Nature was beyond words and also the perfect way to wrap up their photos!


3. Tarah + Derek
Tarah + Derek’s day was pretty much the definition of a rainy wedding, but no one really let it get to them as everyone just rolled with the punches. We had a gorgeous indoor venue for photos and we were even rewarded with a fire-y sky come dusk.


2. Rowan + Andrew
Rowan + Andrew’s wedding day was beyond words stunning! They had thought of every little detail and done it all so perfectly! Their day was made even more awesome by some pretty rad modes of transportation and an impromptu visit to the ice cream truck. But can you really beat the way they look at one another — I mean, it’s magical!


1. Shannon + Erin
I am so happy to see these two at the top of the list! I mean, it does make sense since Shannon + Erin were married way back in January 2019, so they have had time to rack up the views, but they are also just so all-around wonderful! Their wedding day was super cold, but the warmth and love from this couple kept everybody nice and toasty!


Runner-up: Kirsten + Kyle
It can be tricky for our Fall weddings to make it into the Top Posts list just because they don’t have as much time online as our earlier weddings do, but Kirsten + Kyle’s wedding day was so close to the list that I felt it needed a special shout-out as the official Runner-Up. Their wedding day was beyond stunning and these two are so kind and thoughtful to boot! Dave and I had such an amazing time on their day as everyone involved was just so completely awesome!


Well, there you have it – our top posts of 2019 as determined by you, our readers! When 2019 started I knew we had some great sessions in the works and I am so happy to be able to share them all with you. Our 2020 season starts super soon and I honestly am so excited as there is some pretty cool stuff coming up!!

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