Cottage Engagement Session: Haley + Mark

So, this summer has definitely proven that if anyone ever invites you up to a remote cabin in the country where you have to drive down a two-way road that is barely big enough for one car, you say yes, because the end result is a gorgeous session in a truly breathtaking scene! And I suppose having Haley + Mark as company wasn’t too bad either 😉

But seriously, the drive to and from this remote family cottage was seriously beautiful and I am incredibly happy and grateful that Haley + Mark invited me to join them there for their engagement session because I had such a great time. It was ridiculously hot, but I mean, that can be said for pretty much any day in August this year (seriously – what is with all this stupid humidity?!), but the sweat drenched clothing was so worth it because everything about this shoot was pure magic.

To start, Haley + Mark were a dream to work with. Beautiful inside and out and full of sarcasm and dry wit, my favourite types of humour. And if you know me at all, you know that one of my favourite places to shoot couples is on a dock. If there’s an accessible dock where we are shooting you better believe we are heading there (same goes for tree-lined walkways). Plus, this session has both a loon and a boat ride — I mean, it doesn’t get much better than that folks!

Oh but wait, it did because Mark’s dad found us a beautiful meadow/forest combo and a fallen tree that reminded us all of that one scene in Dirty Dancing, although we didn’t re-enact the scene, but only because we didn’t want Haley to end up impaled on the tree branches – safety first folks!

I am so excited for these two to make it official, in fact, a little birdy told me that today just might be the one year mark before their wedding day!