Ottawa Studio Newborn Photography: Valerie

When it comes to babies some into the studio super sleepy and completely ready for their session, and others need a little extra time to get a snack (or occasionally have full meal), some cuddles and/or a little bit of awake time before they are set for their time in front of the camera. But lucky for me, Darling Baby Valerie fell into that first category and was ready for her session the moment she arrived!

She was super sleepy (and stayed that way for basically her entire session) and more or less good with basically anything I asked of her when it came to poses and wraps. That is, unless it meant keeping her hands outside of the wrap and she did seem to love pulling them into her chest. But honestly, since that was the hardest part of her session, I would say my time with sweet little Valerie was pretty darn awesome!

But as amazing as her session was in general, I think my favourite aspect was being able to recreate and reimagine a shot that her older brother got during his newborn session a few years back. The family lived in a different city and therefore worked with another photographer, but still wanted to be able to have a similar shot for their newest family member and I absolutely loved the idea! And of course, I am always excited to make any baby look like a sweet little bear cub — because how could you not want that?! And of course, I am a strong believer that no swaddled newborn session (or really any newborn session) is complete without those precious closeups to show off all their teeny-tiny features from their eyelashes right down to their fingers and toes. I actually think those might be my favourites to capture ❤️

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