Ottawa In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session: Amya

Tara + Dion celebrated their first wedding anniversary just a couple weeks ago, and I feel pretty confident that they didn’t get much sleep or quiet to mark the special occasion. In fact, I would put good money on them dealing with crying, poopy diapers and feedings for pretty much the whole time. But I mean, when they get to also spend it with precious little Baby Amya, I think they would call it a win still (I know I would!).

One of the things I love most about doing newborn sessions for previous wedding couples is being able to catch up with them and chat in an environment that isn’t as time sensitive as their wedding day. But as much as I loved getting to hang out and catch up with Tara + Dion, one of our amazing 2020 wedding couples, I think my favourite moments from this newborn session had to be seeing Big Brother Keegan interact and care for his new little sister.

In fact, I was wrapping up the edits on these photos yesterday when Dave came home. I got up to greet him, leaving the images open on my computer, and as we walked back he saw a shot of Keegan and Amya and instantly said how sweet and perfect the photo was. It was completely unedited (and therefore in my opinion was far from perfect, haha), but the moment that was captured was so darling and really did show just how much love Keegan has for his sister already.

I think that’s one of my favourite elements of in-home newborn session. I mean, newborn sessions are always super special, but there is something so sweet about an in-home session and being able to capture the newly expanded family in their own surroundings. These sessions tend to be more about the family as a whole rather than being primarily focused on the little babe, and therefore have a lot more sweet, intimate moments in them that just happen organically. Amya is a very lucky babe to not only have two amazing parents to care for her as she grows up, but also such a wonderful big brother to play with and be protected by.

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