Watson’s Mill Engagement Session: Shannon + Erin

Manotick-Watsons-Mill-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI have this list of location ideas. It has some classics, some spots I absolutely adore, and some hidden gems I have found. It also includes a bunch of locations that I really want to shoot at – Watson’s Mill has been on that list for a while now. I have offered it to a few couples, but apparently it hasn’t quite resonated with anyone. That is until Shannon + Erin came on the scene. In fact, I didn’t even have to suggest it to them as it was their preferred location from the get-go, and I couldn’t have been happier!

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Byward Market Engagement Session: Sarah + Isabelle

Byward-Market-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI don’t know if there was any better way to wrap up Sarah + Isabelle’s engagement session than by popping into one of the many patios in the Byward Market for a drink! And not only did these two amazing ladies know how to end their session on a high note, they were also an absolute dream to work with making their entire session absolutely effortless and so much fun!

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Ornamental Gardens Engagement Session: Casandra + Alex

Ornamental-Gardens-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyThe Ornamental Gardens are quickly becoming one of my absolute favourite portrait locations in the city! The Arboretum across the way is lovely of course, and I enjoy shooting there too (especially now that the Fall colours are starting to pop up everywhere) but there is just something about the gardens that take it to the next level – and honestly I think it’s those greenhouses just down the street!

I have been lucky enough to capture several sessions there, and was so happy to get to shoot another one there with Casandra + Alex. I had such a lovely afternoon with them strolling around the gardens and to make things even more wonderful than they already were, these two absolutely killed it when it came to their photos!!

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Hogs Back Park Engagement Session: Katherine + Mike


Katherine: ‘Can we do a shot in the field? I have always wanted a photo of me and my love running through the field.’

Me: ‘umm…yeah we definitely can!!!!!!’

I absolutely loved when Katherine asked me for this series of photo during her and Mike’s engagement session, she has such great ideas that I loved incorporating into their photos!

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