Ottawa Newborn Photography: Mackenzie, Sneak Peek

Ottawa-Lifestyle-Newborn-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyGetting to capture this big milestone in the life of Marie-France + Jonathan was already pretty sweet, but the addition of their new little one made the whole thing just that much better.

Sweet little Mackenzie was just about the cutest subject I have had in front of my camera for the past while. And she was so well behaved too! She had decided that she was going to be not only a great little model for the session, but that she was also going to be wide awake. In fact, she kept finding me and my clicking camera throughout the session, which I absolutely loved! She did a wonderful job, as did her parents, although that doesn’t surprise me one bit since Marie-France + Jonathan have been in front of our cameras so many times now that they are nearly pros at it!

But what I think I loved most about this session was the timing of it all. Mackenzie was born just over two weeks before Marie-France + Jonathan’s first wedding anniversary. And that meant that after giving the new family of three some time to adjust to their new lives, we ended up scheduling the newborn session for a couple days after their anniversary. I really do think all of that is just the sweetest because I don’t think Marie-France + Jonathan could have asked for a better gift than this wonderful, tiny human.