Gatineau Park Backyard Engagement: Kristen + Chris

Gatineau-Park-Engagement-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyMy favourite locations for engagement sessions are always the ones that have a real significance to the future bride and groom. Whether it is where they had their first date, the trail they walk along every Sunday afternoon, or a place full of childhood memories, something with a special meaning for them (or even just one of them) always translates to being a great venue for these sessions! It also means the final images are not only a great marker of this time in their lives, but also of this special place.

So when Kristen mentioned that she was interested in doing her and Chris’ engagement session at her grandparents home I was definitely on board!

The fact that it was nestled among the beautiful Gatineau Park was of course a definite plus! As was the fact that the property itself is stunning – complete with rustic barns and an adorable house. I really could have shot there all day long! Especially with a couple as wonderful as Kristen + Chris, who did such a great job throughout their session. They rocked every pose I threw their way, adding their own personality to each and every one and were so nice when I had to stop to swat a bug, or scratch an itchy bite.

Speaking of which, in their sneak peek I talked about the copious amount of bug bites I ended up with by the time I got home. Well they are obviously gone now and that is of course great (although new ones from yesterday’s wedding have taken up residence), but the fact that bugs seem to absolutely love me works nicely during sessions. In the end, it means that although I get a little itchy, my clients aren’t as bothered by them and they are able to stay still longer and be more comfortable during their time in front of our lens – and that is always a good thing!

So hopefully Kristen + Chris didn’t end up with as many bug bites as I did, and even more, I hope the two of you love your photos! We are so looking forward to your wedding day as I just know it is going to be not only beautiful, but all around awesome!