Ottawa Love Lock Bridge Engagement Session: Alyson + Dan

Corktown-Bridge-Ottawa-Love-Lock-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-engagementIf you have spent any time on our website, blog or social media pages you have probably noticed how much we love incorporating nature into our images as much as possible. And when you live and work in a city as nature-filled as Ottawa, it really isn’t hard.

In fact, some of our most urban sessions have had that beautiful nature feel to them in at least a handful of shots.

I had been wanting to do a session at the Corktown Bridge (also known as Ottawa’s Love Lock Bridge) for quite some time. Now I know what you are thinking, and you are right, that area isn’t really an urban setting. A nicely designed, relatively new bridge going over the Rideau Canal system is really more on the rural/nature side of things. But when you look out over the scene you get a really lovely view of the city in all its urban, construction-filled glory.

Thankfully though, we didn’t have to actually go any closer to all that construction (and the related end-of-day traffic) for Alyson + Dan’s engagement session. All of that being said, while driving out to the session that night, I did realize that the end of a business day was probably one of the worst times we could have chosen to start this shoot at the Bridge, as that is one of the times that this area is the busiest. But in the end, there wasn’t nearly as much foot/bike traffic as I thought there would be and perhaps the intermittent rain was to thank for that (and the fact that Ottawa U is on summer break right now was probably a pretty big factor in that too).

As I mentioned in their sneak peek, Alyson + Dan did an absolutely amazing job during the entire shoot. They not only looked great in front of the lens (I mean really, how cute are these two?!), but they also put up with my seemingly endless stories and tidbits of information. Thanks for the great evening guys!