Ottawa Family Christmas Session: Naomi, Adam + Evalyn

Lifestyle-Christmas-Family-Session-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-Ottawa-story-book-treeI absolutely love getting to catch up with our clients over the years. Watching them grow their families and progress in their lives is so amazing! And it is made even better by the fact that our clients truly are some of the best people out there.

I was so excited to get to work with Naomi + Adam again, and getting to see their adorable little girl, Evalyn again was just such a joy!

When I first met Naomi + Adam it was for a Post-Wedding Day Portrait Session as they helped me expand our portfolio after Dave and I took a break from weddings to be able to fully plan and enjoy our own. We dodged rain clouds, held towels over Naomi’s head (as this was before I invested in some umbrellas for the business and started carrying them around in our during the wedding season), and hid under bridges to wait out the poor weather. And of course, whenever there was a break in the clouds, we quickly jumped out and grabbed some really gorgeous images, a few of which I still use today!

After that there were referrals to other absolutely fantastic couples, and of course I had the absolutely honour of photographing their maternity and newborn photos for little Evalyn. She was a super cute, teeny, tiny baby that just couldn’t wait for her due date to arrive, or perhaps decided she just wanted to defy her parents from the get-go since we had taken some images with her original birth month highlighted in them. Either way, I had a great time with them as they are two gentle souls who are so lovely to be around and I just knew their girl was going to grow up to be pretty darn amazing herself.

Skip foward two years when Adam contacted me wanting to surprise Naomi with some lifestyle family photos of their annual Christmas tradition – Christmas kickoff day. They take the day off work and get their whole house and family in the holiday mood complete with decorations, movies and of course, trimming the tree. The surprise may have gotten slipped (although only a few days early, so still pretty darn good), but it was still a perfect day and I got to see just right I was about how awesome little Evalyn would grow up to be. She is not only freaking adorable, but she is kind, polite, oh-so-smart and such a good listener! And to make things even better, she is a little ham in front of the camera making my job incredibly easy!

I loved every second of this session and getting to catch up with this wonderful family (including their cuddly pup Alice), was such a treat. I can’t wait to see what more the future has in store for them.