Ottawa Lifestyle Family Photography: Kristyn, Alistair + Layla

Ottawa-Lifestyle-Family-Photography-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyIf I’m being honest, weddings will always be my favourite type of session, but lifestyle family sessions are definitely a very close second. There is just something so wonderful about getting to spend a couple hours with a family and capturing all sorts of quality time together. And that wonderfulness is made a million times better when we get to do it all for a past wedding couple!

Kristyn + Alistair’s wedding day was such a gorgeous event, truly it was nothing less than amazing and we had an absolutely blast all day long! And although we have seen them a couple times since at other weddings and events, we never really got to properly catch up with these two fantastic people since we were always working away. So getting to actually chat with them during this family session was a real treat. But of course, the real highlight of the day was getting to meet their super sweet little girl, Layla.

Not only is she super adorable, but Layla did such an amazing job throughout the entire session! Every now and then I find that it can be hard for little ones to get comfortable with a person holding a big, relatively loud camera in front of them for so long, but Layla didn’t seem to have problem with it at all. Although, to be fair, I am pretty certain she has had a fair bit of practice – I mean how could her family not take tons of photos of her, she’s so darn cute!

It really was such an honour to be invited into Kristyn + Alistair’s beautiful home to capture another precious moment in their life and I can’t wait to do it again soon!


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