Ottawa Ornamental Gardens Engagement Session: Melissa + Rami

Ottawa-Ornamental-Gardens-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyPretty much every photographer know about Golden Hour. it’s that gorgeous time in the evening as sunset approaches where the sun is lower in the sky and creates a nice warm glow that lights subjects up so beautifully. It is my favourite time to do engagement sessions as it really is just so wonderful to shoot in! Golden Hour is so well known that even a lot of our clients have heard of it and are looking for the type of images we create using that light.

As soon as I mentioned that I preferred to start sessions later in the day, Melissa + Rami knew why right away. And as the sun started to dip beneath the horizon, we were able to create even more spectacular images! And as I mentioned in their sneak peek photos, these two really know how to sizzle in front of a camera!!

When we meet with couples to see if we are a good fit for their wedding day, we learn a lot, and not just about the wedding day itself. We mostly learn about the couple themselves and we are able to figure out things that they might really love incorporated into their coverage. For example, when we chatted with Melissa + Rami, we quickly realized that they would love some gorgeous night images as part of their wedding day. We actually thought they would love them so much that I wanted to give them a few of these darker images during their engagement session as well. So we started things a little later than usual and waited for the sun to go mostly down after their session to get some of these beautiful and super fun photos! What I loved most about all of this was that their session up until that point had truly fantastic, so these sunset and night images were just the cherry on top of an already delicious sundae!

Melissa + Rami were not only great company as we strolled around the gardens, but they absolutely nailed every pose and made the most out of each second in front of the camera! I am so incredibly excited for their wedding day next year!!


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