Ottawa Cake Smash Session: Layla

Ottawa-Cake-Smash-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyThis family really is one of our absolute favourites and I absolutely love getting to catch up with them so often. Whether it be to capture the wedding day of one of their family members, or to get some great family photos of themselves, it really is always such a lovely time.

But really, anytime day with this ridiculously cute little girl is obviously going to be a great one!

So the plan for this session was to show up at Kristyn + Alistair’s home, set up the portable studio, grab some shots of the three of them around their home (to match some of the photos we did for Layla’s 6-month session) and then do her cake smash. The first couple steps went well, but little did I know just how intriguing a big purple background would be for little Layla. She basically wanted nothing to do with anything else as she really just wanted to get over there and find out what this thing was. We ended up still getting some great family photos before the studio portion of the day, but there were a few tears involved, and a trip to another room so she couldn’t see the setup anymore.

Eventually we stopped being ‘cruel’ and let her play with the background and I quickly learned that she seemed to love the sound more than anything else to do with the paper. Perhaps Kristyn + Alistair should invest in a big roll of paper as that seemed to keep her occupied for a little while. Well that and her beautiful cake!

She didn’t even wait for it to be on the ground before she was mushing that icing everywhere. She definitely showed off her art skills in icing form all over the paper, and of course herself! In the end, she didn’t eat too much of it, but when she did she made the funniest faces!


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