Ottawa Studio Newborn Photography: Mackenzie

Ottawa-Studio-Newborn-Photography-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyParent photos are such a special addition to newborn sessions. Not only do they give some great photos of the brand new (and/or expanded family), but they also give you a great scale for seeing just how tiny this new baby really is.

And although a lot of parents take the first couple weeks off from work, it is also pretty common that one parent (more often than not, Dad) has just started going back to work just as we schedule the session. And it’s for this reason that I tend to do parent photos first thing. That way, if someone needs to head back to work, they can easily do that without missing out on the family photo.

This is exactly what happened for Mackenzie’s session as Dad was able to leave and head back to work as he had really only just started back the previous day.

And speaking of Mac, she did so amazingly well during her session! I have a tendency to say this during most sessions, and although it is true, it is kind of a weird thing to say. I mean, a newborn really just needs to sleep and/or be calm for their newborn session and as an adult that sounds delightful. I mean, who wouldn’t want to curl up for a couple hours in a cozy room and then get told they did a great job for doing so?!

But in all seriousness, Mac was so wonderful to work with and she was such a pro at holding things!! She loved having her hands up by her face and even though she seemed to prefer to have them in fists, she would hold them straight just long enough for me to get a few shots, which was very kind of her. And I mean, is there anything cuter than tiny baby hands holding tiny baby-sized things?!⠀


Wraps + White Headband: Stephanie Beach Photography
Felted Heart: Feather and Fern Canada
Knitted Blankets: Sweet Jax Creations