Ottawa First Year Milestone + Cake Smash Session: Josie

Ottawa-First-Year-Milestone-Portraits-and-Cake-Smash-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographySometimes writing blog posts is hard and I struggled to meet the 300 word minimum I attempt to hit with each post. And sometimes blog posts are so easy that I feel like I could ramble on and on about the session and the amazing people who were a part of it. Little Josie’s cake smash session definitely falls into that second category as not only was this precious little girl so adorable and funny, but her parents are honestly two of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Way back in 2013 I did my very first styled shoot. It didn’t include any other vendors, mostly because I didn’t know how to set any of that up, so it was really just me and my camera, and a bouquet I made from whatever was on sale at the grocery store that morning. But it did include Chandra + Yan and boy-oh-boy, did I ever hit the jackpot with these two! My style has changed a fair bit since this session, primarily when it comes to my editing style as I hadn’t quite found one I truly loved yet, but I still find myself drawn to the actual images we captured that day. This session actually helped me launch my business into what it is today (well this session and a ton of hard work and dedication) and Chandra + Yan have been massively supportive ever since, following our work and recommending us too! So getting the chance to work with them again really was a treat to say the least.

And what made that even better was Little Josie herself. This adorable girl is not only cute as a button but she is absolutely hilarious too! Her little booty scoot in place of a standard crawl was just about the funniest thing I have seen in the studio and it was actually really clever too – I mean, now she could scoot across the floor and have her hands free for clapping! And she was so fast with her little scoot, it took her no time at all to scoot all the way across the room to get to either her parents, or the tripod wheels as she also really loved those, haha!

Josie was also one of the sweetest one year olds I have gotten to work with so far as I think she shared more of her cake with her parents than she ate herself! I absolutely loved ever second of this session and am so grateful for this wonderful family!


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