Hog’s Back Park Engagement Session: Samantha + Damjan

Hog's-Back-Park-Engagement-Session-Ottawa-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI like to think that everyone has a spot (or maybe a couple) in their town/city that is special to them. Maybe a memorable event happened their or just it is a place where they can go and clear their head. My list of places has changed and grown over the years, but Hog’s Back Park will always be close to my heart. And I know it will be special for Samantha + Damjan too as their relationship grew here as they trained for marathons and just generally got to know one another better running through the park’s paths.

When I was finishing up school I lived within walking distance of Hog’s Back Park/Mooney’s Bay. I would often walk around the area with my camera honing my skills and just generally having fun. I only had little point and shoot digital that had like 8MP resolution or something like that, but I loved it. Anyway, I remember one summer taking photos of geese and their babies and sending one of the photos to my Dad for Father’s Day (we spent many days watching the ‘gooses‘ back home growing up).  I was reminded of this particular memory as I walked around the area with Sam + Damjan and I thought it was interesting how a place that held a such happy memory for me held so many for others as well.

I came to the (obvious) realization that in a city this size, places that were memorable or special for me had other, just as happy/memorable, meanings for others. And just a tiny bit further down the path from where I took those photos of geese to send to my Dad was the bench were Sam + Damjan shared their first kiss.

And the paths in the park that I often walked through to clear my head after school or as a break from studying (and where I stalked chipmunks for photos) were the ones that this wonderful couple used to train for marathons and where they got to know each other as their relationship blossomed.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s kind of awesome that a place can be so memorable for so many people for completely different reasons. And I am happy to share this cute little park/trail with two people as sweet and lovely as Samantha + Damjan. When you are around them you can’t help but feel uplifted as they really are to of the nicest people out there! And getting to spend the evening with them as we captured their engagement photos was nothing less than amazing!


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