Ottawa Studio Newborn Photography: Jack

Ottawa-Newborn-Photography-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI make a little game plan before each newborn arrives in the studio (it consists of jot-notes on a post-it which gets stuck to my studio cart). It contains both a best case and worst case scenario. Little Jack, with all his cuteness and sleepiness, definitely fell into the first category!!

In the worst case we only get wrapped poses, but I have extra wraps and props ready to go to still give variety to the parents. But in the best case I get through lots of poses both on the beanbag (and sometimes props) and then wrap that wee one up and do some more. Most babies fall somewhere in between and I end up doing most, but not all of the ideas I had prepared for. Little Jack though got through everything and more!

Seriously, this little guy aced his session! He stayed fast asleep and other than not wanting to straighten his fingers (he got real unhappy when I fiddled with them too much and I decided to pick my battles and just leave them), he was virtually the perfect little subject. He even let me get multiple froggy poses, which is one of the hardest poses to capture (well, it is for me at least). Add to all of this the fact that his parents were so kind and lovely to spend some time with and I definitely had a truly amazing session! Thank you Lauren + Taylor for letting me photograph your little guy, you all did so beautifully in front of the camera!!


Blue Pants + Sleeper Cap: Azure Raine
Wraps + Backgrounds: Stephanie Beach Photography
Felted Heart: Feather and Fern Canada