Ottawa Fall & Winter Extended Family Session

Ottawa-Extended-Family-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyOttawa had a really weird Fall season this year. The leaves took their time arriving and when they did they really didn’t last long. Or rather, they didn’t last long on their own as they were quickly joined by a decent layer of snow everywhere. I forget who I heard this phrase from, but it was like having two seasons in one. It worked out really well for the look of photos, but it definitely made Fall photos a fair bit colder than they have been in past years. Lucky for me I had some pretty fantastic families to work with these guys!

I first met and worked with Christina and Marc when their now son was just 6 months old. Emmett is a big brother now and it was so great getting to catch up with this family and get to meet their newest member, Harvey. And as if that wasn’t enough, I also got to meet Christina’s sister and her family! Catherine, Jim and their boys Viktor and Teddy were such a blast to work with and it was such a joy to see the connection these four cousins already have with one another. It really is special to be able to grow up with cousins who are so close in age to you (the boys are pretty evenly spaced in age going back and forth between the families) and I hope they are able to get that relationship strong over their lives (although I am sure there are bound to be a few fights here and there, haha).

And then the real cherry on the sundae was that Grandma even got to be a part of the session! I know pretty much every Grandma loves their grandkids, but these boys really are just so lucky to have Lise in their lives. Even in the relatively short time I spent with them the morning of their session, it was abundantly clear that she absolutely adores her boys, and that feeling is most definitely mutual!

Family sessions are always special, especially when you get to come back some time after and do more as the family grows in both age and members. But for me, they are even more special when I get to be a part of extended family sessions like this one. Being able to see the relationships continue across generations, and to capture all of that for our wonderful clients is something I will never grow tired of!