Ottawa First Year Milestone + Cake Smash Session: Tobias

Ottawa-First-Year-Milestone-Cake-Smash-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI am always a little extra nervous when siblings are involved in sessions, because sometimes they can be a little shy or apprehensive about the whole thing, and the birthday boy can sometimes feed off of that for their solo portion of the photos. But Tobias’ big sisters, Genevieve and Bianca, were anything but shy! In fact, the first words out of their mouths as I opened the front door were, “It’s picture day!”, and it was said with such delight and excitement that I instantly knew I was in for a tremendous shoot!

And the girls were such big helpers during Tobias’ session too, helping me to test my light and make sure the birthday boy was happy, they even let me know some of his favourite things to make his smile (and provided a great laugh track during his cake smash). And when their part was done, they happily sat (relatively) quiet watching Frozen of course (side note: thank you very much Disney for releasing Frozen 2 early).

Tobias definitely hit the jackpot in the big sister department, and these girls got pretty darn lucky with their little brother too! This dapper little dude was such fun to have in the studio. Not only was super well behaved but he provided me with some great entertainment as he threw props in the air and giggled with delight when they smashed on the ground. And this was of course a game we played for a while because if it makes the 1-year-old happy, you do it, right?!

Everybody was such good listeners and awesome at staying still for photos, well as still as a three kids under five can ever be, haha! And even though Tobias wasn’t super interested in his cake smash, he did get into it enough for some pretty great photos. I suppose you could look at it as him trying to be kind to his sisters as him not destroying the entire cake meant there was enough to take home for dessert later on – such a thoughtful little brother.


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