Ottawa Arboretum Lifestyle Newborn Session: Avery

Ottawa-Arboretum-Lifestyle-Outdoor-Newborn-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyWhen photographers were officially allowed to work again I was completely overjoyed! I had missed my clients so much and I don’t think I missed any more than the wee little babies!! And honestly, I can’t think of a better family to kick things off with than Christine + John and their brand new little baby girl Avery.

I first met Christine + John for the engagement session and wedding just a couple years back. They were incredibly kind, caring people who were an absolutely pleasure to work with then, and somehow they are even more wonderful now. Add in their fantastic dog, Otis, and it was already destined to be a great session, but Little Baby Avery made the session perfect! She was so good during her session, and definitely the cutest little thing I had seen in quite some time.

Normally, Avery’s newborn session would be posed into those squishy shots in the studio, or more lifestyle and natural in style in the family’s home, but because of COVID and social distancing restrictions at the time, the session ended up being somewhere in between.

We started with lifestyle shots around the Arboretum. We snuggled under a tree and cuddled up on a blanket, complete with Otis the wonder dog of course. And after Avery had paused for a little break, we moved onto the semi-posed portion of the shoot.

I walked Christine + John through how to wrap Avery up like a little burrito and we set up a little bowl shot for her and Otis. They did an absolutely marvelous job getting their little one all wrapped up and Avery fell fast asleep like a little champ. And Otis did a wonderful job too!

I must admit, it was very hard not to just scoop up this darling girl and snuggle her myself, squish her little cheeks and just generally love on her, but I resisted — mostly just because I had to, haha!




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