Ottawa Arboretum Lifestyle Family Session: The Hatches

Ottawa-Arboretum-Lifestyle-Family-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI sometimes marvel at just how small the world really is, or at least just how small Ottawa and the surrounding area is. I grew up in a small town and went to school in an even smaller area. So when I moved to Ottawa for school I had it in my head that I would likely never see people from my hometown. Thinking back, this logic makes no sense whatsoever. My hometown is less than an hour away from Ottawa, and I knew of multiple people who were coming to the same university, or one of the other post secondary schools in the city. But, nonetheless, it was the idea I had in my head, so when I just kept running into people from back home, I found it weird.

Skip forward a couple years (or several, who’s counting), and Dave + I ran into another person from home when we started working with personal trainers. Jesse and Dave instantly hit it off and have since become good friends. We spend a fair bit of time with the guy actually as he’s part of two of our regular D&D games. So with all that said, it was a real pleasure to get to work with Jesse, Sophie and their incredibly energetic twin boys!!

Now most people will say that their children are energetic, but they don’t have anything Logan + Nathan! Honestly, I don’t know how Sophie + Jesse keep up because after about 2 hours with them at the arboretum I was completely ready for a nap, haha!

But despite the playing, running, and requests for photos (or perhaps because of it), Logan + Nathan were actually really good during their session. It was ridiculously hot, and lots to see and do and they still did a great job listening and giving me enough time to grab some posed shots before we moved onto some more candid, playful ones. It was such a fun afternoon spent strolling around one of my favourite locations in the city with this absolutely wonderful family!