Lifestyle Family Session: The Lacasses

Lifestyle-Family-Photography-Ottawa-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyA willow tree, run through the sprinkler, splash in the pool, and lots of adorable hugs — this family session pretty much had it all, including three of the kindest people ever. I absolutely adore this little family and any day I get to hang out with them is always a great one!!

If Courteney + Steve look familiar then you may be recognizing them from one of their previous session. Ever since I first worked with them for their engagement session + wedding day I have absolutely loved this couple. And when they welcomed their little boy Logan into the world I was so honoured to be able to capture his in-home newborn session. So being able to catch up with them this summer and see just how big this dude has gotten was a real treat!

Logan was so amazingly good for his photos. He was such a good boy as well an updated set of photos under the willow tree and very calmly let us know he was done by strolling into the backyard and jumping into his pool, haha!

Boy-oh-boy, does Logan ever love the water! Whether we were running through the sprinkler, splashing around in the water, or just playing in the water table Logan was super duper happy. And all that play made for some great candid family photos.

But let’s get back to that stroll, or should I say strut! This guy really knows how to motor around and the determination in his eyes and the way he flings his arms around is just about the cutest thing ever!! Seriously, I hope Courteney + Steve have it on video because it’s one of the best little toddler walks I have ever seen.