2020 Favourites: Weddings

Last year I split my favourite wedding photos into two posts but this year I honestly just can’t find the energy to write a whole other intro and whatnot (it’s time for some blatant honesty right?!). So with that said, I am sharing ALL of my absolute favourite wedding day images from 2020 in one huge post! From prep to reception and everything in between, I have put together my fav portrait and detail images for you all to enjoy one more time!

We may have had fewer weddings this year, but that by no means resulted in fewer good times, or awesome photos. Dave + I loved every wedding we got to be a part of this year and capturing our all of our covid couples on their adjusted wedding days was extra special for us!

I always start the wedding day off right when I get to play with bridal details! The shoes, the invites, the the rings, the hair pieces, the jewelry and the floral details. Add in some ribbon, and some candid moments of everyone getting ready, and I am in photographer heaven!!

If you’ve been following be for a while, then you probably know that I am completely obsessed with bridal veils! And when it comes to these gorgeous additions to your dress, the longer the better in my opinion!! When covid hit, and the number of 2020 weddings dwindled, I was so worried that I wasn’t going to get to work with as many beautiful veils (among other worries of course). But our 2020 brides showed up with some gorgeous veils that set my heart a flutter! Thank you ladies!

But as excited as I get about veils, and I get really, really excited when I see a gorgeous long veil on the wedding day, I really just love the interaction and connection between our couples throughout their day. It is one thing we really try to represent the most during their portraits and I truly believe that the emotions you share over the course of your wedding will be the memory that sticks with you the most. As pretty as the details and other elements are, how you feel and how your guests feel really is paramount in my mind. And if we can capture that all for you than I will feel like I have done my job!!

At the start of the year I committed to creating some unique prism + lensball (aka crystal ball) photos for our couples. They have always been such a huge hit in the past, but because they take a little longer to set up, I often only did them when we had extra time during portraits, etc. This year though, I dedicated a bunch of time outside of our wedding days to practice with these tools to be able to not only get more creative with them, but also get faster with incorporating them into portrait sessions. All of that, combined with the slower pace of pandemic weddings resulted in some really special images that I am super duper proud of!

Wedding party, family and other group photos had to be treated a little differently once covid became a wedding day factor. Every single wedding was handled uniquely depending on the setting we were in, if everyone was related and/or in the same bubble, whether masks were going to be worn during photos, and of course whatever the restrictions were at the time (seriously guys, they changed every other day – ugh!). But despite the changes we had to make to some of our standard poses, these wedding party shots were just as fun and entertaining as always, haha!
In other words, I promise we were keeping everyone as safe as humanly possible and abiding by the restrictions and guidelines for the areas we were in at the time of the wedding – so please no comments or messages on that, pretty please.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times by now, I love ring + detail photos! Grabbing those ring photos during your reception is a really fun time for me as I really do love being able to incorporate them into other elements of your day to create a ring photo that is not only beautiful, but also meshes seamlessly into the rest of your gallery. And of course, add into that collection all those delicious treats from your reception and those truly stunning florals and, well, this just might be my favourite bunch of photos here!

And I don’t think there’s any better way to wrap up this post than the same way we wrap up most of our wedding days – night photos! These super quick sessions are always so much fun. Not only has the couple had a chance to party and relax for a bit, but it also gives us a chance to create something really different from their earlier portraits. Ottawa venues area so wonderful and each one seems to have a really great spot where we can create something magical for our couples. Throw in Dave with our lightsaber and we’ve got the perfect setting.

Where was Dave with that lightsaber you may be asking … well he gets edited out of the final images, but perhaps there is a final recap post coming shortly that will highlight all of Dave’s glorious veil tossing and light holding abilities!! But for now, I hope you enjoyed our Wedding favs from 2020. It was another long post so props to you once again if you made it through it all!

Oh, but that being said, I don’t think it would be right to do a post all about our favourite 2020 wedding photos without adding in a couple covid specific images. That’s right guys – bring on the masks and social distancing!!

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