Top Posts of 2020

As I talked about in yesterday’s post where we recapped a bit about our 2020 weddings, and really as everyone already knows because it was like this for the entire world, 2020 was a very different year for the business. And that difference included the blog. As a direct result of there being fewer weddings and family session, there were less blog posts. But for the posts that we did have you guys turned out to view and/or read them – so a huge thank you for that!!

But this isn’t a post about weddings, this is all about our most popular blog posts of the year. So with that said, let’s take a look at the most trafficked posts we published over the last year according to you, our readers.

5. Ruby + Friends Puppy Session
So this session is quite possibly the most adorable thing I have ever been a part of. If not the most adorable, then at least top 3. I loved every second of Ruby’s newborn puppy session, including the fact that Kaylee got to come along and play with a new friend.

4. Melanie + Michael’s Wedding
Mel + Michael planned, re-planned, re-re-planned, their wedding day over and over again. There were even changes to wedding days the day before their date! But they didn’t let is phase them for too long. Every aspect of their day was beyond words stunning! The Fall colours, the décor, and of course, this truly wonderful couple themselves.

3. Leela’s Studio Newborn Session
Little Leela was absolutely the most darling wee babe! I was so happy to see this post on the top 5 list as I am still head over heels for this session! And not only did Leela absolutely rock her time in the spotlight, so did her parents. And of course, it never hurts that these are some of my absolute favourite colours ever!

2. Avery’s Lifestyle (Outdoor) Newborn Session
Avery was the first little one I had in front of the camera after the first pandemic lockdown. We did her session a little differently as I wasn’t able to touch the babes then, so we after some lifestyle photos in the arboretum I walked Christine + John through how to wrap up Little Avery. And, they did a great job, if I do say so myself! Throw in their awesome pup Otis and it was a truly wonderful session.

1. The Kealeys + Milo’s Newborn Session
This may actually be my favourite lifestyle newborn session ever! Mariah + Ben have always been amazing in front of the camera, but this session was next level! Ben had scoped out the location and knew exactly where to go to find the best backgrounds (although really anywhere would have been perfection) and of course the entire family absolutely rocked their session!

Runner-up: Currie + Dan’s Wedding
Okay, so if you read yesterday’s post, then you already know I fail when it comes to describing verbally how I feel about this wedding day. It was very special for us and seeing it as the runner-up (#6 position) was pretty awesome, especially since Fall weddings have a harder time getting as many views and posts and posts from earlier in the year.

Well, there you have it – our top posts of 2020 as determined by you, our readers! I had very different plans and ideas for 2020 than what actually came to fruition, but I am so happy that there were still enough weddings and sessions to create more than enough posts to make this list possible. Phew!

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