2020 Favourites: Families + Newborns

I started shooting family session about a year after I started weddings, and honestly, I have loved every minute of it! Not only do I get to work with some of the best families and most hilarious kiddos, but I get to see our couples and families as they start and grow their families over the years! It really is such a treat to be able to watch these tiny babes grow into super fun kids full of spunk and personality! So with that all said, I think it is only fitting to wrap-up the 2020 year that was filled with so many wonderful family sessions!

So the second year of the newborn session was definitely one for the record book … just not in the very best way if we’re being honest. The studio was shutdown for almost as long as it was open this year, and sadly we missed quite a few newborns as a result. It was very sad to not be able to see them when they were super fresh and teeny-tiny, but the ones who were able to come in brought all sorts of cuteness with them!!

With the studio came older little ones too as they celebrated all their many milestones! And although cake smashes are a messy affair that left me scrubbing icing off the floors several times this year, they are so incredibly fun to capture! Especially when they are combined with First Year Portraits.

For the first time ever, I decided to hold studio mini-sessions for the holiday season and they were a huge success! I loved getting to see our families and help them bring this rather tough year to an end with a super fun Christmas session! I will definitely be doing these sessions again this year … provided we’re allowed of course *fingers crossed*.

I started my family photography journey with lifestyle work and it is still one of my favourite things to photograph. Getting to be able to capture not only the families but also their nursery and home details really is amazing.

But I think the most fun lifestyle sessions include older kiddos because they are just hilarious! It can be a little tricky sometimes, as by then they have their own personalities and opinions and sometimes they just don’t want anymore photos, but I have a few tricks up my sleeves (or rather, in my camera bag) and for the most part, they seem to work to bring down those walls and let those kids be themselves!

If you checked out yesterday’s Favourite Weddings post, then you already know we had far less this year than anticipated, but that doesn’t meant there weren’t some super cute kids running around! From the couple’s own kids to their nieces and nephews, kids are hilarious at weddings and love stealing the spotlight from the happy couple, haha!

I think this very well might be the cutest blog post I have ever put together (even cuter than last year’s somehow)!
Huge thanks to all of the families who let me capture these moments in your lives and of course all of your precious little ones!

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