Strathmere Inn Wedding: Diana + John

Strathmere-Inn-Ottawa-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyThe rain never had a chance of dampening Diana + John’s wedding day! Not only did the sunshineĀ of John’s life brighten up the otherwise dreary day, but just seeing how these two looked at each other and how they made each other laugh with such joy, would bring a smile to just about anyone!

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Strathmere Inn Wedding: Diana + John, Sneak Peek

Strathmere-Inn-Ottawa-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI cannot even begin to properly explain just how perfect Diana + John’s wedding day was as the start of our 2018 season. From being at one of our favourite venues to all the beautiful and personal details so perfectly infused throughout everything, it was truly lovely. But as usual, what that made this wedding day so great weren’t the actual things, but rather the people. Not only are Diana + John so incredibly nice (and funny to boot), but they are absolutely one of the sweetest couples we have had the pleasure and honour of working with over the years and they surrounded themselves with family and friends who are equally as wonderful!

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Ottawa Family Photography: Alyssa + David, Pregnancy Announcement


There are some really special moments in a young couple’s life and I am so incredibly lucky as a wedding and portrait photographer to be able to capture so many of them! From proposal to engagement and of course their wedding day, we get to be a part of so many important and memorable occasions. But I don’t know if there is anything that could be more precious than when that couple starts growing their family.

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Merrickville Engagement Session: Devin + Brad

Merrickville-Winter-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-snow-sunflare-coupleThe air hurt my face today. Honestly, I walked from the car to the cart return area at the grocery store earlier today and the skin on my forehead felt like it was going to die. I was properly dressed and almost completely covered from head to toe except for that one area on my forehead and the bitter cold wind found it and attacked with a vengeance!

I realize I am far from the first person to complain about the cold, and so far Ottawa isn’t the worst off in comparison to other place with the bizarre cold snap everyone is feeling right now, but I bring it up because that cold wind reminded me so much of my first winter engagement session of this season. It was cold and the wind was bitter and vengeful, but luckily it wasn’t nearly as bad as it was today and even more luckily, I got to hang out with some pretty awesome people and one really great dog!

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