Winter Scouting

Ottawa Winter Stephanie Beach PhotographyI have mentioned before that I like to arrive early to my shoots, so when Alexandra + Rico mentioned that they wanted to do their engagement session in Downtown Ottawa in and around Major’s Hill Park and Nepean Point, I headed there an hour or so beforehand to scope it out.

It was a cold but gorgeous day and a walk through through the park gave me my plan for the session very quickly. So I then spent the rest of my time taking some shots just for me. I even had a little squirrel friend join me for a bit as they apparently have absolutely no fear of humans in the park. In fact, he seemed to be looking for food every time I reached my hand into my bag.

Ottawa Winter Stephanie Beach PhotographyOttawa Winter Stephanie Beach PhotographyOttawa Winter Stephanie Beach Photography

So technically the last two shots are from before the session started, but rather are from right around when it ended, but I couldn’t help but show the beauty that downtown Ottawa has to share (also, I can’t wait for them to be done rehabilitating Parliament Hill so all the cranes, etc. will be gone. Though I do know that will be quite some time from now).