Ottawa Arboretum Maternity Session: Naomi + Adam

Ottawa Maternity Stephanie Beach PhotographyThe first time I met Naomi + Adam was for a bridal portrait shoot almost two years ago. It was a fantastic session and if you have seen us at any shows or received any of our promotional items, you have probably seen some of their photos as they are still some of my favourites.

On that day, it rained, a lot. We spent the majority of the session standing underneath a tree with a towel over the newlyweds or under the bridge trying to keep as dry as possible, and hopping out when the rain would let up for all of two minutes to get as many non-under-the-bridge photos as we could.

On the day of their maternity session, it was looking like history might repeat itself, but thankfully, the weather cooperated long enough for us to get our session in. It did, however, start raining about 2 minutes after I left the parking lot after their shoot, but that’s okay.

I mentioned in their sneak peek just how great these two are. I am so glad they got in touch to get in front of my camera again and I can’t wait to meet their little girl in just a few weeks for another session. If she is anything like her parents, that little one is going to be super cute and just plain awesome!

Ottawa Maternity Stephanie Beach PhotographyOttawa Maternity Stephanie Beach PhotographyOttawa Maternity Stephanie Beach PhotographyOttawa Maternity Stephanie Beach PhotographyOttawa Maternity Stephanie Beach PhotographyOttawa Maternity Stephanie Beach Photography

So when I was chatting with the soon to be parents about what they wanted from their maternity session, they initially asked about getting some sunset shots. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t really cooperate with us on the day of the shoot as it was far too cloudy to be able to do that. But as luck would have it, Naomi + Adam were guests of the wedding we shot the next weekend (okay, so it wasn’t really luck as they had pretty much referred us to the newlyweds), and there was a great sunset that night. So after we got some shots of the bride and groom, we grabbed them and got a few split seconds before the sun dipped below the horizon (big thanks to Kristyn + Alistair for letting us do this at the end of their night).

Ottawa Maternity Stephanie Beach Photography

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