Museum of Nature Wedding: Jenna + Tim, Sneak Peek

museum-of-nature-wedding-stephanie-beach-photography-01The most important factor on any wedding day is the people. The lovely couple of course, but also the friends and family that help them celebrate their love. And when you are planning your day, you need to remember that some of the most important ‘people’ in your life have fur and four legs.

We have had a number of weddings now where family pets or farm animals have been included in the day, but Jenna + Tim’s dog Archer has to be one of my favourites to date. He was so soft and seemed so cuddly, I honestly would have been content to hang out with him all day long (plus when he wagged his tail his entire back end wiggled, which was adorable). He was also quite good with the camera, although I am told he may have been that chill because he was awake all day long (and most of the night before) hanging out with the guys before the wedding and was therefore likely very tired. I loved that they wanted photos with him during their first look – and loved his homemade collar and bow tie even more!!

But after his photoshoot, it was time for Archer to go with his dog-sitters for the rest of the day, as Jenna + Tim headed to the Museum of Nature for the rest of their absolutely gorgeous wedding. We had such a great time with these two. They are not only kind and loving people (and so incredibly perfect for one another), but they were absolute rock stars in front of our cameras!!


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