Mackenzie King Estate Engagement Session: Chantal + Mathieu, Sneak Peek

Gatineau-Park-Mackenzie-King-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyYou know what I love: chill couples who trust me and my work. When I am working with them I get to not only create some beautiful images, I also get to have a really great time myself. And that is exactly how I felt during Chantal + Mathieu’s engagement session earlier this week.

When we met in the parking lot near the Mackenzie King Estate inside Gatineau Park, one of the first things they said to me was that they had no clue what they were doing. And although my response at the time was not to worry because I knew what I was doing, Chantal + Mat really were complete naturals in front of the camera!

What typically happens at session where the couple is either unsure of what to do, or a little uncomfortable, is that we take the first little bit to settle in and get used to having the camera around. Sometimes the first few shots are a little stale or awkward, but then they get to know our style and become so much more relaxed and natural and that is when the magic happens. But with these two, the magic started right away. The first few shots were not only included in their photos, they were fantastic! And things really only got better from there.

I really did have a great morning with Chantal + Mat. They are such awesome people and I had been looking forward to working with them since they booked with us. But what I am looking forward to even more is their wedding day later this year, because I just know it is going to be an absolutely wonderful day! But for now I am just going to leave this little sneak peek here for you all to enjoy and get back to editing the rest of their session.


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