Wendover Wedding: Nathalie + Marc-Andre, Sneak Peek

Wendover-Wedding-Photography-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-ring-macro-engagementAs we drove back to Ottawa after Nathalie + Marc-Andre’s wedding, I told Dave (and he of course agreed 100%) I was absolutely certain that there was no better way to have officially started our 2017 wedding season than with this kind-hearted couple and their day!

These two newlyweds were so easy-going and relaxed pretty much all day, and they were such a joy to not only work with, but just to be around. Their wedding was wonderfully calm and yet still absolutely beautiful. But what really made it so great were the people.

The couple themselves were incredibly kind and the loved ones they surrounded themselves with on their wedding day were equally so as well. And of course, everyone had only the very best of wishes for Nathalie + Marc-Andre and they all seemed so incredibly happy that this day had (finally) come.

We may not have understood every word that was said to or around us during the day (I do love the French language, but unfortunately can only piece together a few sentences from certain keywords and sadly lack that ability to speak it properly), but I do know that their entire day was filled with happiness and lots of laughter!! Also, a big thanks to Nathalie, Marc-Andre and all of their friends and family for putting up with us silly, English-speaking photographers all day long.

I will of course be going through their images more in the days to come, but from what I have seen (and what I remember shooting), I am certain I won’t be able to stay away from editing their day for very long, so definitely keep an eye out for their full preview in the next couple weeks. But for now, we can all enjoy a little sneak peek from Nathalie + Marc-Andre’s delightful wedding day.