Ottawa Spring Engagement Session: Krysten + Jon

Beaver-Pond-Engagement-Session-Ottawa-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-ringI often get asked by our couples if I just go around town looking for interesting locations – and the answer is yes, yes I do. And the result is a spreadsheet full of location ideas so I can suggest a spot that fits the personalities of our couples. So when I chatted with Krysten + Jon about their engagement session, I had a pretty good feeling that Beaver Pond Trail would be a great place for theirs!

Around this time last year I drove around the west end of the city for the better part of a day searching for new locations for shoots. I checked out a few of the many Greenbelt trails and city parks, and also just found myself stopping along the side of roads and near interesting looking buildings. I ended up finding about a half dozen new spots that met my standards that day and Beaver Pond Trail among that list. I originally found it as a first look location for one of our 2016 couples on their wedding day. But since we weren’t there for very long, we really only used a tiny portion of the area for their photos, so I definitely wanted to get back there for an engagement session, as we tend to be able to get further along on hikes during these less time restrictive sessions.

Since it is a quieter location, I felt it would give Krysten + Jon a chance to take their photos without a thousand eyes on them (something I myself prefer whenever I have to be in front of the lens), and since there was a bit of hiking in between the photo spots I was most interested in, it would give us all a little time to chat and get to know each other.

Not only did these two do an absolutely amazing job in front of the lens, but they are just so sweet and down-to-earth (and just plain adorable too!). I had a great afternoon walking around the trails with them and I am so incredibly excited for their wedding day next month.


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