Evermore Wedding: Ellen + Graham, Sneak Peek

Evermore-Wedding-Ottawa-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-bride-groom-portrait-wheat-sunsetThere are definitely venues and locations around the city that are on to shoot list and pretty much ever since it opened a few years ago, Evermore has been a venue on that list. So when Ellen + Graham first reached out to me about photographing their wedding there, I was super excited to get a chance to capture a day at this stunning venue. But then I got to meet and chat with this wonderful couple, and my excitement quickly changed from being venue-based to being all about getting to work with these two amazing people as they started their married life together.

Ellen + Graham are two of the kindest most thoughtful people we have gotten to work with and if these facts were ever in question during (which I really don’t think they were for even an instant), you could have asked anyone celebrating their wedding day with them as there was so much love and admiration for this couple from all their family and friends present.

Speaking of Ellen + Graham’s guests, we got yet another taste of how small this city really is as Graham’s cousin was actually a previous co-worker of ours! We hadn’t seen her in several years, so it was great to get to chat and catch up a bit during the night. Ever since I started down this path of being a wedding photographer, I have been shown time and time again just how connected we all are, it really is amazing!

But getting back to our lovely couple – these two had planned such a wonderful wedding day and the weather was nothing short of perfect for them. And to make it even better, they and their entire wedding party were not only stunning, but also super fun to work with, but honestly nothing could have topped the couple themselves. The sweet little looks they gave each other and the immense joy and happiness that emanated from them all day long were absolutely perfection!


So obviously these two rocked their photos, right?! And then to make my camera even happier, Graham has the absolute coolest wedding band ever!! So naturally I had to find an equally cool way to photograph it using one of Evermore’s outdoor fire pits.


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