Strathmere Lodge Wedding: Kristen + Chris, Sneak Peek

Strathmere-Lodge-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-bridal-prep-invitationWith only a small handful of weddings left this year, Dave and I are officially heading towards the end of our 2017 season. And as always I am both looking forward to the break for a little while (and the chance to catch up on some admin tasks during the off-season), and sad that we won’t be capturing wedding days most weekends (at least not for a couple months). But all of that is for a later date, as we still have a few couples left this month and boy-oh-boy are they ever great couples with absolutely stunning wedding days planned!!

Kristen + Chris’ wedding is simply one of the most beautiful Fall weddings we have ever captured! The bold, rich hues in their wedding colours mixed with the always enchanting backdrop of the Strathmere venue definitely gave us a perfect starting point for some magnificent portraits. Mix in one of my favourite dresses from this year (I am a sucker for a hint of blush like Kristen has in the underlay of her gown), some of my all-time favourite florals, and of course a truly captivating couple and you have yourself one exquisite wedding day!

But when it comes right down to it, you can’t beat the love that these two share and how down right adorable they are (especially when you catch them gazing at each other). Kristen + Chris’ day was pretty amazing and I am so excited to be sharing these little sneak peeks with them, and all of you.


And because I really couldn’t decide between the two details photos I wanted to include in this sneak peek (seriously, I was so torn and lead to this post being a day later than planned), Kristen + Chris get an extra little ring shot to enjoy! And as a little side not, isn’t their invitation just divine!!