Sheila McKee Park Anniversary Portrait Session: Karen + Jason

Anniversary-Portrait-Session-Sheila-McKee-Park-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-fall-forestI know I have said it before, in fact I am pretty sure I have said it multiple times this year alone, but we get to work with the very best couples. Amazing people who are so lovely! But when the wedding day is over, it can sometimes be a while before we get to see them again.

Our calendars are so full during the year, that we don’t get a ton of free time to hang out with people outside of weddings and other sessions – at least not during the peak seasons. Now, I’m not complaining, because I do love my job very much, but it is always great to catch up with some of the people we photographed on their wedding days and finding the time for that can be difficult. And that’s why I was so excited when Jay reached out to me about an anniversary session for him and his wife Karen!

Apparently this post is going to be full of things I have already said before, because I know I have written about just how much we adore Karen + Jay. They are incredibly sweet and thoughtful and full of crazy amounts of love for not only each other, but their entire circle of family and friends. Seriously, spend even two minutes with this couple and you will completely agree with me that they truly are two of the very best people this world has to offer.

And, although I am not surprised at all, their four-legged family members are just as fantastic! Penny + Mason may have pretty different personalities (and opinions on cameras too), but they are both so darn lovable and they both did an absolutely perfect job in front of the lens. We love dogs so getting to spend the afternoon with two of the best was pretty great.


Special thanks to Dave for joining us for this session and being our official dog wrangler for the afternoon. Dave and I learned several new things throughout this session, like how collars don’t work the same on bulldogs whose necks are basically the same size as their heads; how you should get a much more stable stance when you ask a bulldog to run full speed at you; that slow and steady is not only a great pace just in general, but it will likely also get you more treats; and of course, dogs really are human’s best friend (although being dog people we did already knew this one).