Ottawa Family Photography: First Birthday Studio Portraits, Mackenzie

Ottawa-Family-Photography-First-Birthday-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyIf you have been following us and our work for a while now, then you know just how much we love our clients. And you also know how much we love getting to work with them again and again. It’s such a joy to be able to capture their milestones as their families grow.

And that definitely includes Marie-France + Jonathan. They really are a rock star couple turned family and I am always so excited to get to work with them! And that excitement has really only grown since they expanded their family last year with the addition of little Mackenzie. She is just so incredibly adorable – I mean just look at her!!!

Over the last couple years I have been fortunate enough to be part of some pretty big milestones in this family’s life including their engagement, wedding, maternity and newborn sessions and now that Mackenzie is a whole year old, I was so happy to be able to bring everyone into the studio and grab some shots of the birthday girl!

It took her a little while to warm up to the situation, and there may have been a little cry her and there, but like the great parents they are, Marie-France + Jonathan knew just what to do to put the tears away and bring out the smiles! And having silly Dave around supplying a funny noise or crazy act was great too (and perhaps some added entertainment for the adults too). And of course, everyone was on deck to plop this energetic little one back into frame when she started crawling away – my goodness, is she ever fast!!

These guys did such a great job with their photos, which really shouldn’t have been any surprise at all since they always nail their sessions. Getting to see Mackenzie grow over the last year has been absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to see what other great things are in store for this sweet little family!


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