Ottawa Lifestyle Newborn + Family Session: Owen + Laylah

Ottawa-Lifestyle-Newborn-Family-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyOne of the very best parts of my job is getting to meet so many new people. And although the introverted hermit in me wants to pretty much always stay at home, bundled up in blankets and sweaters, I always end up having a great time during my sessions because of these wonderful people, who moments before were complete strangers. And you know what’s even better than meeting wonderful people – meeting the tiny new humans they created, especially when they are as adorable as Laylah!!

I mean, with those big, inquisitive eyes and her chubby cheeks, how could you not instantly adore her?! She was so well behaved throughout the session too. She had a couple moments where she was nearly done with everything, but she always seemed to get back to her happy place! I loved how independent she was as she loved just sitting (or lying) by herself for a few minutes (I don’t know if a baby can really be called independent, but if they can be, then Laylah was definitely that!).

And Big Brother Owen was a hoot too! He was a giant ball of energy throughout the entire session, so much so that he actually reminded me of my own nephew, Jackson, as he literally bounced off the walls. But of course, he was always around the help out with his new little sister, doing his best to make sure she was happy and comfortable.

I’ve said it before, but it really is true, it is a real honour to be invited into people’s homes and be able to capture these special moments for them. Not only is it great to see the whole family (four-legged member included) interacting with and loving one another, but I love getting to see bonds growing between new siblings!