Ottawa First Year Milestone + Cake Smash Session: Cara

Ottawa-First-Year-Milestone-Portraits-and-Cake-Smash-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyIt is always such a treat to be able to catch up with our families as their little ones grow up. I first met Little Cara, and big sister Abby, when Cara was only a few months old and I loved getting to hang out with this wonderful family then and it was just as lovely the second time around Although this time included 100% more cake as Cara celebrated her first birthday and got to smash into that scrumptious cake!!

But first we of course started with some family photos. Since Dad wasn’t able to make it to the session it was a girl’s day and Mom got to spend some quality time with her two gorgeous little girls. Big sister Abby was super helpful getting Cara in a good mode for her photos and she then got some extra screen time in the form of everyone’s favourite – Paw Patrol!!

Now, I remember Little Cara being full of so many huge smiles! But for some reason this day we had to coax them out of her. We weren’t quite sure why she wasn’t in her normal cheerful mode, but we worked around it and she still did so well during her entire session. Once the ladies got home they realized that Cara was popping a tooth so the fact that she wasn’t wailing or really complaining at all during her session is only a testament to just how happy this little baby is on a regular basis!

I loved getting to catch up with Cara and her family and of course getting to watch her smash into that cake! Although, if I’m being honest, she was definitely more interested in little pieces of tape, ripping that background paper up and tearing wipes into the tiniest of pieces! But I think we’ll let her get away with it, I mean, she’s pretty darn cute, right?!


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