Ottawa Ornamental Gardens Lifestyle Family Session: The Tolsmas

Ottawa-Ornamental-Gardens-Lifestyle-Family-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyJonathan once joked that I should get a punch card like they have at coffee shops for clients, like themselves, who come back year after year for their photo sessions. I do love getting catch up with our couples and families each year, especially when they are filled with people like Marie-France + Jonathan, who are just about the most thoughtful people out there. And their little girl Mackenzie just gets cuter and cuter every time I see her!!โ 

Mackenzie was a little shy during her studio session last year, although she absolutely loved jumping and rolling around on our chaise couch, haha! But this year she was super into her session and such a rockstar! I secretly suspect that Marie-France + Jonathan got her into modelling and that little Mackenzie is an actual pro now! She was not only great while sitting and playing around with her Mom and Dad, but she went right into poses all on her own.

Near the end of the session, Jonathan asked to take some photos by the fully blooming peonies, a request I happily said yes to as I love peonies! While we took the short walk over there, Mackenzie fluffed her dress and sat down in front of some other flowers and ever so perfectly looked at and smelled them. It was so perfect that the photo looks totally set up. I don’t think anyone will ever believe me when I say she did it on her own!

I love working with the family each year, not only because I love getting to catch up with Marie-France + Jonathan, but also because it is such a joy to get to see Mackenzie grow and learn from year-to-year. She is such a darling little girl who I just know is going to be so wonderful and delightful as she continues to grow up!


Quick side note: And although I don’t have physical punch cards (I would love physically hole punching things though), we do have a referral and return client discount system so you should all take advantage of that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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