Fall Backyard Intimate Wedding: Tanya + Scott

From the moment the pandemic hit our area and shut down business and weddings, Tanya + Scott knew they wanted to keep their wedding date just as it was. They didn’t want to wait another year to get married even if it meant a tiny elopement. Tanya let me know this right from the first email I sent out all of our clients, letting them know their options with us and all that jazz. And as I watched more and more of our 2020 weddings get postponed to next year, it was a really nice comfort knowing that I would get to work with at least one of our awesome couples before the year was over.

And these two definitely made the day so much fun! Which is particularly nice since this was our last wedding of the year and I do love ending our season with a fun-filled day and a couple I truly adore!

Luckily Tanya + Scott were able to have a little bigger than a tiny wedding, but still keep it intimate and full of love and laughter. They held the entire day in their very own backyard and honestly, it was the absolute perfect setting for them! The tent sat perfectly among their beautiful yard, and although I loved every single hand-detailed item carefully created and curated by Tanya, my favourite addition to the day had to their pup Nixon. He was such a good boy and we became fast friends, which basically means there are almost as many photos of him in the wedding collection as there are the Bride + Groom, haha!!

Now, you may also notice a higher than usual number of prism photos. And that’s because for the last little while Tanya has not so subtly let me know how much she loves them by commenting on them as I posted on Instagram, and just generally telling me as the day got closer (her directness reminded me of my own when I really love something, but also don’t want to tell someone how to do their job, so I honestly did love it). But these puppies can be tricky, and I can’t always guarantee that they are going to work out, so I definitely whipped that sucker out again and again on the wedding day to ensure that at least one or two of the setups would turn out as I so badly wanted to create one of these special images for her.

But mostly, I just wanted them to have a wonderful wedding day. With all the stress endured and revisions required thanks to the pandemic, I really wanted to help create as stress-free a wedding day as possible because these two deserved nothing less. They truly are two of the nicest, most down-to-earth people and I am so glad they got to spend their day surrounded by their very closest friends + family. I am also glad the rain (and by rain I mean torrential downpour) waited until the reception when everyone was under the tent already. Because seriously, the rain may not have lasted very long, but it was intense! Thankfully Tanya + Scott’s guests were prepared to literally hold down the fort as the wind blasted everyone and everything. It was a bit wet, but everyone was still laughing and having a great time! And of course, those storm clouds made for some great images afterwards!!

I am so grateful to have been part of Tanya + Scott’s beautiful wedding day. Their day would have been a perfect addition to any wedding season, but it really was exactly what I needed to wrap up 2020 on a really great note!

Thanks to all of these amazing vendors who helped make this wedding possible!

Wedding Photography: Stephanie Beach Photography (that’s us!)
Venue: Private Residence
Bridal Gown: Kimberley Wilson Bridal & Fashion Outlet
Bridal Shawl: North Strands by Tanya
Groom’s Attire: RW & Co.
Hair Stylist: Hair Lounge
Make-up Artist: Spa Mauve
Florist: Riverwood Gardens
Officiant: Marc Scott

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