Ottawa Studio Newborn Session: Simon

For years I have gathered things and held onto them. Not so much in a hoarding way, more of a ‘I’m going to craft something with this later’ kind of way. ⁠For example, when we had to cut down the lilac tree in our backyard (it had died for some unknown reason), I had Dave cut me some long branches for a project I had in mind. About 7 or so years later, and the branches are now called sticks and they are still in a corner in my craft room. I mean, I will eventually get around to that project … maybe.

But I don’t only gather things from around our home or property, I also gather things during weddings. For example, in 2020 Melanie + Michael got married at their hunt camp and it was so stunningly beautiful! The nature was perfection and I grabbed some acorns as part of their ring photo. They meshed with the day perfectly and were so darn cute. I then decided I had to keep said acorns. Not sure what I intended to use them for, but I knew they had to come home with me. BUT this time it was oh so very worth it! Because this little cutie pie holding those very same acorns just happens to be Melanie + Michael’s newborn baby boy Simon!! So yeah, my gathering addiction has been proven pretty darn useful (and cute too!!). Although this does worry Dave as he fears I will be even more ‘gather-y’ in the future.

But even if I hadn’t been able to use one of my gathered items in such an adorable fashion I still would have loved every second of this session. Not only was Simon just the cutest little babe, but I loved getting to catch up with Mel + Michael because they really are two of the nicest people we have ever had the pleasure of working with. I just know they are going to be amazing parents and I can’t wait to see Simon as he grows up!

Beach Baby Prop Shoppe Items:
David Pants + Sleeper Cap in Denim
Birch Sleeper Cap in Blue Star
Beech Beanie Custom Name Hat
Additional Wraps + Backgrounds

Deer, Bear Bonnet + Lovie: Bunnies Band
Additional Wraps: Freebird Shoppe
Bucket + Hugger: Hello Little Props
Wooden Mushrooms: Original Photo Blocks
Driftwood Bowl: Original Photo Blocks

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