Ottawa Studio Newborn Session: Henry

I have heard many times that babies have a tendency of being born with similar physical characteristics to their father. Something about having that automatic realization that it is theirs (since they didn’t carry the baby for the previous 40 weeks). But there is similarity and then there is Baby Henry, who is basically a teeny tiny clone of his Dad. Which has basically resulted in me calling his tiny Kyle, Baby Kyle, etc. ever since I first met this adorable baby!

But in all seriousness, I freaking love this family! They are part of complete collection or full set families, which is a random term I made up years ago for families I have been fortunate enough to work with since they engagement. And since they have engagement, wedding, maternity, and now family photos all done with us, I see it as them having the complete collection of photo sessions. But that isn’t why I love them so much. Nope, I adore this family because they are just so freaking awesome! Super fun, down for anything, obviously beautiful (inside and out), and the kind of people I could talk to for hours and hours on end. That’s why they are definitely on my list of fav families (having chosen to graduate from the fav couples list they were on up until now).

Now, back to that adorable little one, Henry. He was such a little stinker for his session. So much so in fact, that he ended up having to come back a different day to finish up his photos. On day one, he just did not want to settle, so we got all of his parent photos done (since Dad wasn’t going to be able to rejoin us later on), his swaddle (aka wrapped) photos, and some awake photos in there too. We worked so hard to try to get his to settle (seriously, Kirsten even joined me just out of frame for almost all of his solo photos on day one to try and soothe him), but he just wasn’t having it. But that happens and it’s totally okay. I mean, you really can’t tell a newborn to sleep if they don’t want to sleep.

So he came back a couple days later for a few more photos. In all honesty, we got some great shots on day one and I definitely could have delivered a beautiful, complete gallery for Kirsten + Kyle, but they are so wonderful, and Henry was so cute that I really wanted to give them even more. And I am so happy we had Henry come back as he did so much better on day 2! It took him a second to figure it out, but he eventually fell asleep and basically stayed that way as long as there were some cuddles and soothing in between setups, which I mean, I suppose I will cuddle a newborn baby, if I have to. 😉

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