Lifestyle Newborn Session: Maxime + Cedric

Okay, so, remember the post from yesterday where I asked which was better, a family with three kiddos with twins as your first pregnancy, or twins as your second? Well, here’s the interesting thing (from my perspective at least), I got to see both sides of it within just a few days of one another. I had a session with toddlers twins and their newborn sister, promptly followed up with adorable Big Sister Mila who was more than happy to show off her new baby brothers, Maxime + Cedric. And although I still don’t know which is the better situation, I can tell you wrangling one toddler was definitely easier than wrangling two, haha!

Little Mila was so adorable with her baby brothers, and as luck would have it, she was also easily bribed with being allowed to push the button on my big, fancy camera (a trick I think every single family photographer should have in their arsenal). 2 or 3 clicks on the button and she would sit relatively still for a few photos and be absolutely the cutest thing ever while doing it. I think it is the combination of those perfect curls with that sweet little smile – it just kills me with cuteness every time.

But that’s not where the cuteness ends people, because there are now two more little bundles of joy for Chantal + Mat to love as Maxime + Cedric prove that the cute factor is apparently a trait for this family that every kiddo has (and Mom and Dad too by the way). And they were so good for the whole session. We got some lifestyle shots of the entire family, where Mila was so patient and such a good listener (I have learned over the years that I have the French speaking skills of a 2 year old, so we got along wonderfully, haha!). And when she was clearly done (but thankfully not over the edge), we were even able to get some prop photos done with the wee ones. A few shots to match big sister’s newborn photos, and some shots with the items I now bring along to lifestyle sessions. All done before Maxime + Cedric decided they were also done with their session, so perfect timing really.

I have loved getting to watch Chantal + Mat grow their family over the years and being able to capture these special moments from their engagement session right up to their newest family members has been a true honour, I can’t wait to see these two boys grow up to be darling, caring people just like their Big Sis and parents.

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