Ottawa Lifestyle Newborn Session: Audrey

At the end of her baby girl’s session, Sylvie and I ended up chatting about what she thought the best way to have twins was – meaning, is it better to have them first and then follow-up with a third baby, or have one baby first followed by twins. And honestly, I don’t know the answer.

I will say, Sylvie made some great points. For her, chasing around her nearly two year old twins while wearing Baby Audrey seemed like it would be easier than chasing around one toddler while caring for two newborns. She also mentioned that this third baby seemed much easier to handle compared to figuring out caring for two newborns the first time around. I have spoken with a couple parents who had twins as their second pregnancy (there have been a lot of twins in these parts lately), and they brought up the opposite points as pluses to the way things turned out for them.

I mean, in the end, it doesn’t really matter what order you have them in, having twins is so special, and having a third sibling for them means either a big sister/brother to help as they get older, or a little sis/bro to watch over and protect. Either way, it’s pretty darn cute!!

As is Little Baby Audrey, who is the star of the show today. With those giant eyes and her wisps of red hair just popping out, she was the picture of cuteness! And she was such a good little girl throughout the entire morning too.

Like many sessions lately, Little Audrey’s session was delayed a couple months (thanks covid), but even though she was 3 months old, we still got some great newborn shots of her because she was just so wonderful and drifted off to sleepy town for a few minutes! And because she was awake and super alert for the rest of her session, we got some great lifestyle shots with her and her big sisters. That is, for the two second Chloe + Rachelle would sit still long enough. I will say, wrangling one toddler is a little easier for me than wrangling two. So although, the debate is up as to which is better for families, perhaps twins second is the better option for photographers, haha!!

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