Ottawa Fall Lifestyle Family Session at the Arboretum: Zachary

This little dude did not want to stop moving for an instant during his latest session. In fact, Zachary was running around in every which direction that I ended up with way more steps on my watch than I normally do for a family session, haha!

And yet, despite how much he was running and playing, he always seemed to be going the opposite way I need him to go. But I suppose that is what toddlers do best really.

When it comes right down to it, Zachary is the perfect example as to why lifestyle sessions are so great for active toddlers. We can normally manage to wrangle them for a quick family portrait or two, but the session really becomes about their energy and movement. I chase them around capturing their need to explore and play and just generally have fun. There are always ways to guide toddlers around, whether it be with toys, games, or in Zachary’s case, sticks, but when it comes right down to it, they are gonna do what they wanna do. And stopping them from that is pretty much always a bad idea as an angry, crying baby is a surefire way to end a session. Luckily though, Kristina + Joel were a hundred per cent behind letting Zack be Zack, as long as we kept him from running full speed down the steep hill of course.

From his newborn session to his cake smash and now a family session in the Fall leaves, it has been so much fun to get to watch Little Zack grow up over the last year!⁠

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